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SFK Parent-Teacher Association


What is PTA?

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a bridge between the school and parents. It enables parents to meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere to share their ideas.


What is the role of PTA?

The PTA has an important role in the school community enabling the staff and parents to work together to provide greater opportunities for the children of Springfield.

Members of the Association not only provide advice on the development of the school, but also actively participate in and arrange various activities, making a lot of contributions to children’s wellbeing.


The goals and functions of the Parent-Teacher Association are:

  • To promote transparent contact and communication between parents and schools

  • To promote the healthy growth of children in academic, physical and emotional aspects through close and mutual parents-school cooperation.

  • To develop the potentials of parents and promote the relationship between parents and children through planning and organizing various developmental and recreational activities.

  • Through providing education to parents to enhance their understanding of their children's needs and arouse their attention to various policies relating to children.


Structure of PTA Executive Committee:​

President - One from Parents

Vice President –One from Parents

Secretary -  Administrative Staff

Joint Secretary –  Parent

Members - One Parent and One Teacher from every level (Grade Representatives)


PTA Meetings:

PTA Meetings take place twice in each term. Additional meetings can be conducted as needed.


Nominate your self now to be one of the Grade Representatives!

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