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3 - 32 Months


Our Baby Room is for babies from the age of 3 months to 32 months. There is a maximum of 12 kids with a minimum 1:4 adult to child. The younger group will spend the majority of their time in the Nursery whilst the older children, based on confidence and steadiness on their feet, come out into the other playrooms as part of free-flow but still with the 1:4 ratio.

The Nursery Room is bright and spacious with direct access to the indoor playground and the garden which provides a stimulating environment. We also have a separate sleep room next to the main baby room with cots designated to each baby bellow 12 months and portable beds for older group. 

The emphasis is very much providing home from home care by working closely with parents and carers to ensure the babies routine is followed.

Our communication App is used to keep the parents updated of how their baby’s day is going by providing timely updates about food, potty, nap time and activities supported  by photos and videos.

Through play and interaction with their carers and buddies, they are encouraged to explore the world of colour, shape and texture and are supported in their first steps towards language development. We provide an extensive selection of toys, books and age-appropriate activities to encourage their sensory, fine and gross-motor skills.

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