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KG2 Curriculum focus on themes which provide the framework for exploration of knowledge throughout the year. Teachers plan a wide variety of inquiry-based learning experiences and the children’s own questions are incorporated into the class program. We develop life-long learners by incorporating play-based learning. 

Our philosophy of children learning through play and hands-on, active experiences ensures that all children develop strong learning skills and a real love of learning whilst also making rapid progress within all  the areas of learning. Our highly skilled and passionate team provide a range of learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors whilst also carefully tracking each individual child’s development. We always ensure that our activities not only excite the children but also are appropriate for their developmental needs and interests. 

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Subjects | المواد الدراسية 

يهدف برنامجنا ثنائي اللغة على صنع جيل ذكي لغويًا عن طريق دمج اللغتين العربية والانجليزية في التعليم بشكل متكامل نسعى فيه على جعل متعلمينا قادرين على التعبير والاستيعاب والتواصل باللغتين في الحياة اليومية والاكاديمية بالشكل الصحيح.

يتم تقديم المفاهيم التعليمية باللغتين على حد سواء لكسب حصيلة أكبر من المفردات اللغوية و زيادة القدرة الاستيعابية كما اثبت عمليًا تفوق الاطفال القادرين على اتقان اللغتين اكاديميًا و عمليًا عن اقرانهم من ذوي اللغة الواحدة.

اللغة العربية  (وفق معايير هنادا طه)
  • برنامج اللغة العربية غني بالأنواع الأدبية والمصادر المتنوعة والحوارات التي تركز على تعليم الطلاب القراءة والكتابة والاستيعاب والمناقشة استنادًا على معايير هنادي طه 

  •  يتم تعليم الحروف واستراتيجيات القراءة بشكل متمايز، حيث يتم تقديم الحرف من خلال مضمون القصة مع التركيز على التعلم بالطريقتين الكلية مع الجزئية  ( التهجئة و قراءة الكلمات بالصورة الكلية)

الدراسات الاسلامية: 

نعمل في برنامج الدراسات الاسلامية على غرس قيم ومبادئ ديننا الاسلامي بطريقة سلسة ومناسبة للفئة العمرية عن طريق الممارسات اليومية بالاضافة الى:

  • حفظ ومراجعة بعض السور القرانية والاحاديث النبوية القصيرة 

  • تأصيل مفاهيم التوحيد الربوبية والالوهية

  • التعرف على قصص من السيرة النبوية وقصص الانبياء


 In KG2, each unit will cover a theme through which we teach essential English language arts skills during shared and guided reading. We use various resources to build student knowledge in literature and informational text that develops Fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and most importantly a love of reading.

Mathematics (Common Core Standards)

Mathematical concepts are introduced in an indirect and random way where variety of opportunities provide them to explore from their surroundings and these experiences are the first steps of their discoveries to numbers and logics.  Gradually, these concepts become more organized while implementing them during the school day. 

  • Geometry

  • Measurement & Data

  • Counting Numbers

  • Operations and Algebra thinking


Maximizing kids' use of their five senses by giving them opportunities to interact with materials in their environment, enrich them with daily experiences and compare their findings of scientific experiments.

Topics to Explore:

  •  Movement

  •  Animals 

  • Plants

  • Weather

Social  Studies
Developing the student’s personal identity and helping them recognize and understand society structures like family, school, community members and cultures. They begin to develop the concept of being a good citizen in the community, self-assessing needs and wants and beginning to understand the concept of geographic features.

Art Activities

The art activities help the child to express their feelings using different methods to develop a spirit of creativity and innovation

Personal, Social, and Physical Education (PSPE): 

PSPE curriculum  is designed to empower students through experiences designed to develop their sense of personal identity and their identity within their social and cultural context.
A student's interest is closely linked to all aspects of his/her experience in and outside of school, includes physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social development and health, and contributes to self-understanding and the development and maintenance of relationships with others, while participating in an active and healthy lifestyle.

This programs is designed to be integrated in other subjects and daily life practices and as a stand-alone subject.


Gross Motor Skills

We teach them how to control their muscles to be able to jump, run, and develop their ability to balance in order to help them learn how to coordinate movement of different parts of their bodies spontaneously without thinking.


Fine Motor Skills

From arts, math, and cooking to writing activities, we implement the use of different materials in order for children to learn how to move, control, and coordinate the movement between their eyes and their hands.

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