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Advancing Equity, Celebrating Diversity, and Fostering a Culture of Inclusion So That All Curious Minds and Kind Hearts Can Flourish At Springfield 

At SFK we are truly passionate about providing exceptional childcare to prepare your child for a bright future

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Our Story

Springfield's history started in 2020, after our own search for a nursery.

Me as a mom of  two brilliant  children, I wanted to give them the best start in life, which to me meant better, more exciting care, stimulating environment, and lots of opportunities for play, interaction and development, at their own pace. I couldn't find a nursery that offered everything I wanted - Ms Sarah AlShehab, Founder.

Me as a passionate teacher, I was striving to provide children with a joyful learning experiences everyday, without any constrains. I  couldn't find the right place that gives the children freedom of choice to learn and play without too much limits and rules that prevents them from being themselves! - Ms Rawan Bukhamseen, Partner.


So, we decided to found it ourselves.

We created a safe and enriching home-from-home environment filled with opportunities to learn. We recruited passionate staff with boundless enthusiasm for their work and a never-ending commitment to the children. It's a place where children's emotional needs are met, their interests are nurtured, and their individuality is respected, which made it somewhere parents loved too.

Over the past few years we have been lucky to work with some amazing people to provide children from all over the world with exceptional care. We truly believe that our childcare will be in the path to a brilliant future. We hope that, we can give your children the best start in life too. Register your child now!

Partners & Alliances

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